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Company Information WATRS Scheme Rules & Code of Conduct

In scope

The Scheme can only be used to settle disputes that are related to:

  • Bills, payments, collections and debt recovery;
  • Metering;
  • Water supply services;
  • Wastewater/ sewerage services;
  • Development and new supplies;
  • Other issues which have been the subject of an internal company complaint procedure and which are not excluded under exclusions below.

Code of Conduct

Welsh Water will ensure;

  • A Commitment to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme (ADR)

free of charge to customers;

  • A Commitment to abide by ADR Principles;
  • A Commitment to respect the independence of ADR Service Provider
  • A Commitment to be bound by decision of ADR adjudicator if accepted by customer and to implement decision as required by Scheme Rules;
  • A Commitment to co-operate with and have due regard to the recommendations of the ADR Panel
  • A Commitment to provide information/co-operate with  ADR adjudicators;