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Competition and Markets

From 1 April 2017, all non-household customers of water and sewerage services served by suppliers based wholly or mainly in England are able to choose their Retailer (ie. the current water supply threshold of 5ML/per annum has been removed).  The Welsh government has decided that there will be no change to the Retail market in areas supplied by water and sewerage companies based wholly or mainly in Wales, and so the competitive retail business market in Wales remains limited to the supply of water services to business customer sites using more than 50ML of water per annum.   

We treat all customers of our water and sewerage services fairly, whether their Retail service is provided by Welsh Water (via the Commercial Retail Team) or a third party Retailer.  For more information please see our Compliance Code.

Business Customers

If you are a business customer, for more information please visit our business customer page.

For more information about the new market, eligibility criteria and advice about switching please visit


Wholesale and network access

We own and maintain all the pipes that bring clean water to you and take away your dirty water. Other water retailers can purchase water from our ‘wholesale’ business to sell on to their large customers. Our wholesale charges document (see below) explains how we charge for this service. Similarly, other companies with access to water resources are able to apply to transport water through our network to supply large customers. For more detail, see our Network Access Code, and Access Prices documents below. If you are a Retailer for a business customer in Welsh Water’s area of operation and have a Wholesale service request, or are a Retailer who wants to enter a Wholesale Contract for Wholesale Services with Welsh Water or for other enquiries about accessing our network, please contact our Wholesale Service Centre:

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
Wholesale Service Centre
PO Box 3164
CF30 0FF

0800 260 5053 (24 hours)



Bioresources and water resources trading

We believe that there could be benefits for our customers arising from new opportunities related to the trading of bioresources services and water resources. In order to assist with identifying such opportunities, we have published information in line with Ofwat requirements on our bioresources and wastewater activities. Similar market information in relation to water resources will follow shortly. See below for a link to the information.


Bioresources Trading

Wholesale charges 2019-20

Wholesale charges 2018-19

Water trading documents