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Company Information Environmental Information Regulations What information is already available to you?

We have a range of information on our website which may provide answers to some of your questions, and we will continue to publish relevant information as and when it becomes available:

Your Company Your Plan: Our Business Plan for 2015-2020

Company Reports: Access to all Company Reports

Drought Plan Overview: Our strategy for managing operations through prolonged dry periods

Surface Water Management: Delivering a solution to surface water storage

Water Resource Management Plan: Ensuring we have sufficient water to meet the requirements of our customers

Fluoride/Fluorition: Welsh Water’s policy of fluoridation of drinking water

Drinking Water Quality: Information on the quality of the drinking water we supply

A Guide to Recreation around the Reservoirs of Wales

Floodcare: Who to contact in the event of sewage flooding and how we will respond

Keep our communities green: Join our Green Space Wales campaign and help manage rainwater run-off to reduce flooding and pollution

Our Sustainable Future: Our long term strategy for sustainability

Our Publications

Water Industry Act 1991 and Water Act 2014

Llyn Brianne Byelaws

Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies University of Hull - Burry Inlet Cockle Mortalities