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Image of leakage detection team inspector

Welsh Water is actively committed to keeping leakage to a minimum. With 27,000km of water supply mains network, deterioration through natural ageing of the pipe material and the stresses caused by varying weather conditions means that maintenance and repair provides us with a continuous cycle of work.

As a consequence of targeted investment over the last five years, we have managed to reduce leakage by one third and our leakage levels are now in line with the water industry average.

If you spot a leak on any of our mains supply pipes, please let us know as soon as possible by calling 0800 281 432.

Welsh Water is aware that homeowners can sometimes become confused about whose responsibility it is to maintain and repair the water supply pipe that serves their property. The confusion generally arises when a customer detects a leak in their home and is looking to have it repaired. The diagram below demonstrates where Welsh Water's responsibility for the supply network ends and where a homeowner's responsibility begins.


As part of our commitment to reduce leakage, we will normally endeavour to repair one leak on a homeowner’s supply pipe, free of charge, within a three-year period. If the supply pipe is found to be in poor condition, a repair might not be the most feasible option and we may decide to replace the pipe, up to a maximum of 15 metres, also free of charge. For more information on our leak repair scheme, please call 0800 052 0130 and ask for a leakage information sheet.