Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
image of customer representative presenting his ID badge

Customer care is one of Welsh Water’s main priorities and any assistance that we can offer in the protection against bogus callers is of utmost importance to us.

We are continually looking to improve the services we provide to our vulnerable, disabled and older customer and for a number of years have been working in partnership with the four Welsh Police Forces and Crimestoppers Wales to prevent distraction burglaries.

Beat the bogus caller

All our staff carry identification cards or verification of their identity. If anyone calls to your property without identification and cannot produce any on request, do not let them in it is most likely that they do not work for Welsh Water. If the caller does have identification and you want to have it verified, please ring our Bogus Caller Hotline on 0800 281 141.

Password Scheme: if you have registered for our password scheme and a member of staff calls to your property, they will quote your password to you. If a caller is unable to tell you your password, do not let them in. If you would like more information on our Password Scheme, please ring 0800 0520 138