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We know that taking action to reduce water wastage in your business will help cut your overheads by lowering your water and energy bills. It also reduces your carbon footprint and is much better for the environment.

To help you achieve this, we’re always on hand to support you and can provide two types of water efficiency audits (or health checks) for your business.

Standard Water Efficiency Survey

This is an assessment of ‘domestic’ water use on your site (such as toilets, taps, kitchens and cleaning facilities). The aim is to identify opportunities for saving water and to quantify these, where possible, in volumetric terms. One of our team will review your current water consumption and specific elements of the water installation at each site. 

The work will include a selection of the following activities which will help identify the products you may need to be more water efficient:

  • Making a general inspection of domestic water systems
  • Analysing meter readings to determine current water consumption patterns
  • Identifying site sub-metering
  • Assessing possible extent of water leakage both above and below ground
  • Assessing urinal cistern control mechanisms
  • Commenting on water management procedures, if appropriate
  • Summarising total potential water savings

If you use water in your processes, our Process Audits can help you identify efficiencies; visit our Process Audit page to learn more.