Dwr Cymru Welsh Water



Water truly is amazing. But how much do you know about it? Do you know where it comes from? Or how it gets to your tap? What about how we make water safe to drink? Or the best ways to conserve it?

We've put together a wealth of interesting information and resources to help you discover the vital role water plays in our everyday lives. It's all linked to the national curriculum, and has been developed with educational experts to stimulate and educate curious minds.

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is committed to continuously improving, whether it’s replacing pipes, protecting the environment or looking for new innovative ways of doing things. We think it’s fair to share this knowledge that’s why we want to inspire younger generations by working with schools and teaching them about the value of water.

Our ambition is to educate and inform as many children as possible across our operational area about water, good water practice and the role of Welsh Water.

Our education team include seconded teachers from local schools who are passionate in supporting schools to deliver the curriculum through experiential hands on learning activities. Our lessons are linked to the National curriculum and support the National Literacy and Numeracy framework.

We continually develop our resources by expanding the variety of activities we offer, and ensuring they link to the curriculum across all key stages