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Terms and Conditions

Pesticide and Herbicide Disposal Scheme

water droplet Offer open to farmers, growers, gamekeepers and private foresters

It is only available to eligible people who own the pesticides, herbicides or biocides. It is not open to commercial firms engaged in waste disposal or for the disposal of waste.

water droplet Collection will only be within the pilot areas

At present we are only able to offer the scheme in six pilot areas only. Check our maps or get in touch to check if you are eligible. 

water droplet Only those registered during window will be eligible

You must contact us during the registration window. This opens on 3rd April 2017 and end at 4pm 31st Mai 2017. Registrations outside of these dates will not be accepted. 

water droplet Operated on a first come, first served basis

The scheme has limited funding, so register early to avoid disappointment. Once the window has closed you will be contacted by the contractor to confirm collection.

water droplet Products must be kept in original containers

It is important to keep all products in their original packaging and not moved from original store or between farms, for your safety and that of the waste handling contractor who will be handling and disposing of the product. NEVER mix or drain left overs into one container.

water droplet Scheme will only accept pesticides, herbicides and biocides

The scheme is to remove the risk posed by unwanted, out of date or revoked Registered Plant Protection Products. Sheep Dip is specifically included in this scheme. Once registered you will be able to discuss and confirm eligible substances with our contractor. Any waste which is collected and found not to be covered by the scheme will be disposed of at the customer expense. 

Other substances like oil, fuel, veterinary medicines cannot be disposed of through this scheme. For guidance on the safe disposal of these products contact your supplier or vet.

water droplet There is no minimum amount to be collected

Water and environment can be sensitive to even the smallest amount of pesticide or herbicide. This scheme aims to help as many people safely dispose of these substances as possible from within catchment areas to reduce the risk to people, water and wildlife.

water droplet There is a maximum amount that will be collected for free

We have a limited budget for this pilot and we want to help as many people as possible safely dispose of pesticides and herbicides. From any one location we will collect up to 30 litres of substances. Over this amount you will be charged £2.35 per litre.

water droplet Unknown products

We will need to establish what the product is before collection for health and safety reasons. Register your details with us within the window and our contractor will be able to talk to you directly about how we handle this.

water droplet Data handling and sharing

Details of individual farm addresses registered with Welsh Water will only be shared with the waste contractor and will not be shared with NRW or third party. Only the waste contractor will know what products and volumes have been collected from each farm. 

The only information reported back will be summary data e.g. number of participants and product volumes on a per catchment basis. Welsh Water will receive partial postcodes e.g. SA12 to help inform rough spread of uptake. 

Collating evidence from this pilot is essential as it provides evidence and justification for being able to offer similar schemes in the future.