Water Supplies to Clydach Vale, Pontypridd, Treorchy, Tonypandy and Pentre

First of all can I apologise for the loss of water supply as a result of the major incident we have had on one of our large diameter water mains at Cilfynydd, near Pontypridd. The main in question is a 31"/ 850 mm trunk main which carries very large volumes of water and is effectively a 'transmission' main to support supplies to a wide geographical area. This is why as a result of the incident communities in the Rhonndda and Church Village for example were also affected.These type of mains fulfil a vital role in keeping our smaller mains which serve customers directly full and delivering water at the right pressure. Repairing these type of mains is a major task and because of the operating pressure carries significant safety risks and we have to take this into account as a key priority to protect our people and contractors carrying out the repair.

I am also sorry that deliveries of bottled water to distribution points was not as effective as we would have liked and there are lessons to be learned from this about how we carry out this type of support to customers in future. We did however, successfully deliver bottled water to over 600 vulnerable customers, such as those with medical conditions and the elderly which I hope you will agree were the highest priority in the circumstances.

By early this morning supplies are returning to normal for the majority of our customers , but we are experiencing some 'air locks' in the system , particularly in the Clydach Vale area and we are focusing on on this as a matter of urgency.

If you are currently experiencing any further problems do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you

Peter Perry

Chief Operating Officer

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Home Environment Water Framework Directive Funding Scheme

Dŵr Cymru’s Water Framework Directive (WFD) funding scheme provides financial contributions to not-for-profit organisations for projects that will deliver improvements to Welsh rivers, lakes and waterways. The aim is to create a more vibrant and healthy environment for people and wildlife.

The initial £400,000 scheme was launched in July 2012 and was created to match a fund operated by Natural Resources Wales (NRW). Recognising the benefit of the scheme, Dŵr Cymru added a further £150,000 in July 2013. The funding scheme aims to help implement the European Union’s Water Framework Directive within Dŵr Cymru’s operational area. The directive aims to improve and ensure good quality of rivers, lakes, transitional waters, and coastal waters in all member states of the European Union.

The Independent Environmental Advisory Panel (IEAP) has been advising Dŵr Cymru on the merits of projects submitted for funding. Further information regarding the IEAP can be found HERE.

To date, the following projects have been approved for funding:

  1. Loving our Lake working with Snowdonia-Active aims to reduce phosphates in Llyn Padarn.
  2. Monmouthshire Olway and Trothy project of the Wye & Usk Foundation aims to reduce the adverse impact of agriculture in the catchments.
  3. Upper Tywi Catchment Restoration Project of the Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust aims to reduce acidification.
  4. Alun and Chwiler Living Landscapes project of the North Wales Wildlife Trust aims to increase the connectivity between habitats.
  5. River Schools educational programme by Groundwork North Wales aims to raise awareness of the river environment.
  6. Clear Streams Swansea project aims to reduce surface water entering the sewerage network and change attitudes and behaviours towards the water environment.
  7. Healthy Rivers project of Groundwork Caerphilly will; remove barriers to fish migration, promote and facilitate volunteering opportunities, and aims to further implement the River Schools project currently being developed by Groundwork North Wales.
  8. Middle Dee Diffuse Pollution Project of The Welsh Dee Trust aims to prevent and reduce the levels of diffuse pollutants entering into the Worthenbury and Wych Rivers.

Dr Emma Edwards-Jones of Snowdonia-Active said; “Snowdonia-Active has been delighted to work in partnership with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water to deliver Loving our Lake, with the support of Natural Resources Wales. By working together we have managed to celebrate a beautiful and much loved part of Wales and harnessed that positive energy to encourage people to make small changes to their lifestyles to help improve water quality in Llyn Padarn. Loving our Lake represents a unique collaboration between private, public and third sector organisations working together to deliver environmental benefits.”

Dŵr Cymru continues to invite applications for funding for projects that we believe will deliver positive outcomes under the WFD and thereby, the best value to the people and environment of Wales. Applicants must;

  • describe how their proposal relates to Dŵr Cymru operations or assets;
  • they may be directly related to reducing the impacts / effects of the operation of assets or discharges,
  • or involve ‘upstream’ or other work that could reduce the burden or risk of improvements being required at Dŵr Cymru assets.

For further information, to discuss ideas for projects, or to obtain an application form, please e-mail wfd@dwrcymru.com or call 01443 452518.