Cross Keys Burst Water Main

26 November 2015 (22.00)

“We would like to thank customers for bearing with us as we have worked to repair the damaged main in Cross Keys.

“The main was severely damaged by a third party contractor – that was not working for Welsh Water – and affected drinking water supplies to customers in Abercarn, Cross Keys, Ynysddu and surrounding areas.

“Our engineers worked through the night replacing around 25meters of pipework and have continued throughout the day connecting this up. The repair has now been completed and can now begin to allow water to flow back through the pipe.

“This is a large, very high pressure water main therefore refilling the network will need to done carefully as refilling too fast can damage the pipes and cause bursts. Please be assured that both the safety of our people and the needs of our customers remain our key priority.

“We will continue to tanker water into the network until the levels in the network return to normal however some customers may experience an intermittent water supply, low water pressure or some slight discoloration which should clear within a short period of time. We anticipate that the water levels in the network should return to normal tomorrow morning.

“We apologies for any inconvenience caused and again thank customers for bearing with us”.

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Home Environment Surface Water Management Strategy
Image of children using climate change model

Green Space Wales – An initiative to promote natural drainage to help the sewerage network cope better with climate change and increasing urbanisation to reduce incidents of sewer flooding.

Interactive house for property owners

In order to assist householders in making sustainable decisions about managing the rainfall run-off from their property, Welsh Water has developed an interactive house.

The house has a front view and rear view and shows a range of different techniques that can be applied such as using permeable paving on the driveway and patio, disconnecting drainpipes and channelling rainwater into a rain garden, green roofs, water butts and harvesting rainwater for re-use within the home.

The Department for Communities and Local Government is responsible for providing information and guidance in relation to all planning regulations in England and Wales and more information is available at their site

Rainwater Harvesting

Environmental engineering company and water expert MWH is working with Welsh Water and manufacturers Aqualogic, to produce affordable wall-mounted rainwater harvesting systems that can be fitted to homes to reduce water consumption and down stream flooding.

As part of our surface water management strategy we are developing a low cost, low tech rainwater harvesting system that will reduce the amount of rainwater entering the sewage system. The water collected will initially be used only for toilet flushing, but this may be extended for garden watering and other external uses that does not require water of drinking quality.

The system is currently under trial at our offices in Cilfynydd and Nelson, and the lessons learned from the trial will be used to inform a larger scale trial. Surface Water and the Classroom A model has been introduced to support the Changing Climate lesson available at our education centres. Pupils are asked to consider the changes to Britain’s climate and the increase of severe storms resulting in additional rainfall going into the sewers. They carry out a practical activity to discover how porous various materials are. The model demonstrates how our green spaces are being replaced with new development and non porous surfaces which assist with the problems associated with surface water run-off. During heavy rainstorms our sewer network can get overloaded with water which can then result in sewer flooding.

For more information about our education centres please click here.

NGFl Cymru

The National Grid for Learning Cymru (NGfL Cymru) is managed by WJEC on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government. NGfL’s remit is to develop its library of interactive resources for teachers and learners at all levels. The library consists of nearly 3,000 free high quality downloadable educational resources which support all Key Stages of the Curriculum, from early years to Post 16. Many of the resources are interactive, and all have been produced by practicing teachers.