Important Information on Trap Burst Water Main

11 February 2016 (07:30)

Supplies to customers affected by the burst on our water main near Trap in West Wales have now been restored.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank customers for bearing with us while we completed the repair. We believe that the burst was caused by ground movement as a result of the wet weather.

As supplies return to normal, there may be discoloured water for a period of time. This is normal after an incident of this nature and should clear within a short period of time.

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Understanding how Welsh Water impacts on the wider environment and the actions we can take to minimise any adverse effects is a key objective for the business.

Our industry interacts with the environment and community in a way that few others do. By supplying clean water and by collecting and treating wastewater, our role is to help to meet the public health needs of today and, through careful stewardship of the associated infrastructure, for future generations.

The processes we use to treat water and wastewater have a direct impact on the environment. This can be in terms of the use of primary resources such as energy, water and chemicals or in terms of the discharges to water (fresh and coastal), generation of waste (particularly sludge), the emissions to air (odours and greenhouse gases) and potential disturbance or harm to the environment.

We are committed to identifying and accounting for the environmental implications of all of our activities, and for recognising and considering opportunities for economically sustainable environmental benefit.

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