Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

After Your Visit

We have a whole range of follow up resources and activities to support the work covered during your visit to one of our Discovery Centres.

Download them here:

Water Cycle

Water Cycle Maths 1 (PDF)

Water Cycle Maths 2 (PDF)

Water Diary Writing (PDF)

Water Efficiency & Recycling

Are you water efficient? (PDF)

Water Efficiency differences 1 (PDF)

Water Efficiency differences 2 (PDF)

Water efficiency maths 1 (PDF)

Water efficiency maths 2 (PDF)

Recycling Leaflet (PDF)

Recycling Maths 1 (PDF)

Recycling Maths 2 (PDF)

Cost of bottle water (PDF)

Tour of Wastewater Treatment Works

Wastewater recipe 1 (PDF)

Wastewater recipe 2 (PDF)

Wastewater tour activity (PDF)

To flush or not to flush (PDF)

Pond Dipping & Mini Beasts

Pond non-chronological report 1 (PDF)

Pond non-chronological report 2 (PDF)

Maths pond activity 1 (PDF)

Maths pond activity 2 (PDF)

Mini Beasts non-chronological report 1 (PDF)

Mini Beasts non-chronological report 2 (PDF)

Mini Beasts Maths 1 (PDF)

Mini Beast Maths 2 (PDF)

Woodlands Maths (PDF)

River Study

River Maths 1

River Maths 2

River non-chronological report 1 (PDF)

River non-chronological report 2 (PDF)

River Recipe 1 (PDF)

River Recipe 2 (PDF)

Clean Water for all (African Village)

African Village Time Activity 1 (PDF)

African Village Time Activity 2 (PDF)

Diary Writing African Village (Cog Moors) (PDF)

Diary Writing African Village (Cilfynydd) (PDF)

Explanation Text African Village (PDF)


Cilfynydd Discovery Centre Map Maths (PDF)

Orienteering Riddles 1 (PDF)

Orienteering Riddles 2 (PDF)

Climate Change

RainScape 1 (PDF)

RainScape 2 (PDF)

Rainfall data activity 1 (PDF)

Rainfall data activity 2 (PDF)