Welsh Water offers discount to encourage water efficiency

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water customers are being offered the chance to buy water butts at a discount of up to £20 – as part of its campaign to promote water efficiency.

The company is urging customers to consider using water butts in the garden to help avoid water waste. Welsh Water has launched its ‘Be Waterwise’ campaign with the message to customers: ‘use all the water you need, but please avoid wasting it.’

The company wants to ensure that water resources are conserved in the event of another hot dry summer like last year, when rainfall was only 60 per cent of the long-term average.

Head of Communications Sally Gronow said, “Although we have avoided hosepipe bans and other restrictions on drinking water supplies in Wales for the past 17 years, changes in weather patterns mean that we must not be complacent. We have to ensure that a reliable supply of water is always available on tap – despite the hot, drier summers due to climate change, as predicted by experts. That means addressing the ways we all use water, as well as Welsh Water continuing to reduce leakage from our pipes.

“We are a ‘not-for-profit’ company and want to work with our customers so that together we can try and avoid any possible restrictions on water supplies in the future. One of the main ways customers can help is to avoid using tap water on lawns and gardens. A water butt, which collects rainwater from roofs, is a much ‘greener’ way to look after the garden than using tap water which requires a lot of energy for treatment and pumping to customers’ homes.”

Ms Gronow added that Welsh Water has negotiated the discount deal with a manufacture, offering customers up to £20 discount on a water butt. They come in differing sizes and are complete with a stand, rain diverter kit and a child-safe lid.

Anyone interested in buying a discounted water butt should call 0845 230 9899 or log on to www.dwrcymru.com

Discounted composters are also available, and the website features tips on water efficient gardening.

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